Manage Your Company Profile

Learn How to Update Your Company Profile

This page is all about the company profile. If can be found by going to "company" Dropdown. If there are ever any changes that need to be made to basic company information, descriptions, social media, trade shows, or clients, that can all be done from this window.

All of the information here is standard across all directories that you are listed in.

At the top we have your company logo, which is only done in our systems, but can be sent to your account executive anytime you would like it changed. Preferred dimensions would be 120x60.

Below that are basic fields such as company name, website, address, and phone numbers.

Below that are social media links for Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. The first standard portion is provided for you and just needs to add the remainder of the address to make it valid. 

Below that are a few pieces of information that do not show up on your profile and are optional for data management, but feel free to fill them out at your convenience. 

Your "about company" can include information about your company that you find relevant. This cannot include links or pictures, but you can tailor this to the directory of your choosing of have it be a general overview of offerings and services.

Finally at the bottom of the screen are places to add trade shows and clients to your profile. Both are simplistic in just having to enter the basic information and adding it. This is a great way to add some qualification to your profile and highlight some information that may otherwise be hidden on your company website.