Publishing White Papers & Press Releases

Generate More Leads

Next we are going to look at whitepapers and press releases.

Whitepapers can be any type of industry research, case studies, or strategy findings that you collect. White papers are meant to teach the reader about a topic and provide value for them that will spur conversation or ideas on that topic.

When you upload a whitepaper, any buyer who clicks on the content will have it downloaded, and their contact information will automatically be collected for you to pursue as a lead. This lead information will be sent to your designated lead recipient, as well as show up under the lead tab.

The only elements that you need to upload a whitepaper are a title, short description, .pdf of the content, and a category to attach it to.

For example, put a title, description, choose your file, select one category (or multiple categories if your white papers covers those topics), and upload your white paper.

Once you upload the whitepaper, it goes through a short approval process to ensure it adheres to the properties of a whitepaper, and then it is live.

So, what if you have a product guide or podcast, or something that doesn’t really fit in the category of a whitepaper?

Almost any kind of content can be added in some way shape or form to your profile. Product guides could be added as individual products, or as a press release for a new product or service that you now offer, with a link to the guide in the release.

This leads into the next type of content which is the press release

Press releases can be found by going to the company dropdown, and going to press releases.

Press releases can be used in a few ways to utilize different types of announcements. Traditional press releases of management changes, new initiatives, and organizational changes are all applicable to be added at any time. Especially recently, webinars and podcasts are also huge events and announcement that many people want to highlight. These events can easily be added with links to the content, registration links, and more information on the details of the event. 

If we put a title, and in the main body of the press release you can fill in the details of the event and link a URL. Now this can be posted to your directory site and the announcement will go out.

On the front end, those white papers and press releases will show up under the sections “White Papers” & “Press Releases”, where they will be linked to the content. The white papers will automatically be downloaded and the lead will be sent along to your preferred destination as well as the leads tab.

You can see what day the press release was posted on and the links will be able to be forwarded along to an external destination to capture the lead.